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  • The Shadow Biped

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    Link Summary Independent robotics research and development organisation specialising in air muscles working on the development of useful humanoid robots.
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  • Project Aiko

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    Link Summary This is the official Project Aiko website which talks about the making of a Yumecom(TM) called Aiko (Yumecom = Dream Computer Robot).
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  • Robotic Arm - CH.ORG II PROJECT

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    Link Summary This project is to create a robot arm capable of adapting a task to randomness of the real environment.
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  • A Robot's Body of Knowledge

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    Link Summary ( Early risers may think it's tough to fix breakfast first thing in the morning, but robots have it even harder. Even grabbing a cereal box ...
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  • RobotBox

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    Link Summary RobotBox is a community for robot builders to show off their projects.
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  • glAnts - An Ant Simulation Game

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    Link Summary This project is a combination mech game and simulation that will allow you to interact with simple artificial ants.
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  • The Rossum Project

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    Link Summary  An Open Source robotics project that aims to develop standardized simulators, control software, and APIs for mobile robotics applications. All code is Free Software licensed under the GNU GPL.
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  • Open Automaton Project

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    Link Summary The purpose of this project is to engineer modular software and electronic components, from which it is possible to assemble an intelligent PC-based mobile robot suitable for home or office environments.
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  • The Playground Experiment

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    Link Summary The Playground Experiment aims at showing how a robot equiped with an intrinsic motivation system, and in particular artificial curiosity, can explore its environment autonomously and develop skills
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  • BotDev

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    Link Summary BotDev is a blog about various home-made robotic projects including beambots, solarbots, vacuum cleaner robots and walking robots
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