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  • Arrick Robotics

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    Link Summary Manufacturer of motor controllers, positioning tables, and mobile robots.
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  • Freaky Boneless Robot Walks on Soft Legs

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    Link Summary ( There's just something about those bulbous air muscles that soft robots use that creeps me out, but it's hard to deny that ...
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  • Watch This Robot Control a Person's Arm Using Electrodes

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    Link Summary ( When this robot needs a hand, it borrows yours. In an experiment that opens a new chapter in human-machine interaction, a French research team has demonstrated how a robot ...
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  • Harvest Automation Beta Testing Robot Farmers

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    Link Summary ( We've been following Harvest Automation for a couple years now, since they've got a bunch of ex-iRobot people on board and they started out in stealth mode, which ...
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  • Robot Reviews

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    Link Summary iRobot Roomba and Scooba Community. Contains News, Reviews, Blogs, Wiki, Chat and More
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  • Urbi

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    Link Summary Urbi is an open-source software platform to control robots or complex systems in general.
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  • Rotundus Groundbot

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    Link Summary ( Groundbot from German firm Rotundus can be remote controlled or programmed to navigate by GPS. Groundbot can also travel ...
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  • Climbing Robot Tank Can Corner Like a Gecko

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    Link Summary ( This is not the first sticky-treaded robotank, but as far as I know, it's the first one that can manage to go around corners and make that tricky ...
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  • Watch a Robot Build Other Robots out of Spray Foam

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    Link Summary ( Robots are quite good at doing very specific tasks. Arguably, doing very specific tasks are what robots are best at. When you put a robot into ...
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  • Meet George and Octavia, America's Robot Allies

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    Link Summary ( Much like fables, family movies usually come with a lesson--appreciate your family (Home Alone), follow your dreams (Ratatouille) or empathize with your ...
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