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  • This Robot Snake Is Way, Way Bigger Than You Think It Is

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    Link Summary ( Hey look, it's a robot snake. We've seen lots of robot snakes. We like robot snakes. What this picture doesn't properly communicate, though, is that this particular robot snake is ...
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  • Toyota Debuts New Nursing and Healthcare Robots

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    Link Summary ( Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) recently held an event at its vehicle display space and theme park Mega Web to display a number of new robots ...
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  • Honda's All-new ASIMO Prepares and Serves Refreshments

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    Link Summary Honda has developed a highly functional compact multi-fingered hand, which has a tactile sensor and a force sensor imbedded on the palm and in each finger.
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  • Honda Robotics Unveils Next-Generation ASIMO Robot

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    Link Summary ( You're looking at Honda's brand new ASIMO robot, which was just unveiled today in Japan. While the new ASIMO's appearance ...
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  • Robotic Spider

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    Link Summary ( German firm Fraunhofer has created a robotic spider for hazardous missions using 3D printing. Using an elastic drive bellows, the eight legs are...
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  • Climbing Robot Tank Can Corner Like a Gecko

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    Link Summary ( This is not the first sticky-treaded robotank, but as far as I know, it's the first one that can manage to go around corners and make that tricky ...
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  • Stunning Video of PETMAN Humanoid Robot From Boston Dynamics

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    Link Summary ( It can walk, squat, kneel, and even do push-ups. PETMAN is an adult-sized humanoid robot developed by Boston Dynamics, the ...
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  • Say Hello to Your New Robotic Wingman

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    Link Summary ( Late last month, Northrop Grumman's ultra-futuristic X-47B unmanned combat air system (UCAS) performed its first test flight in ...
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  • Actroid-F Gets a Boyfriend

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    Link Summary ( Okay, so technically, Actroid-F got a "brother," not a boyfriend. Even more technically, Actroid-F got another Actroid-F in a different wig. Yeah, weird. But I ...
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  • Meet George and Octavia, America's Robot Allies

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    Link Summary ( Much like fables, family movies usually come with a lesson--appreciate your family (Home Alone), follow your dreams (Ratatouille) or empathize with your ...
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